Jeff Bezos in his annual shareholder letter:

Failure comes part and parcel with invention. It’s not optional. We understand that and believe in failing early and iterating until we get it right. When this process works, it means our failures are relatively small in size (most experiments can start small), and when we hit on something that is really working for customers, we double-down on it with hopes to turn it into an even bigger success. However, it’s not always as clean as that. Inventing is messy, and over time, it’s certain that we’ll fail at some big bets too.

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Unsettling Images of Patients in Hiding After Plastic Surgery (NSFW)

Western ideals are, for better or worse, infecting the world. From automobiles to iPhones to, well, breasts. In South Korea, plastic surgery is rampant, and the goal is often to look less Asian. While there are plenty of photos of the final results, artist Ji Yeo balances the visual scales by documenting the ugly side of becoming “beautiful.”

Yeo found the subjects for her plastic surgery post-op photos by scouring the internet. She offered to help women located in Seoul recuperate in exchange for permission to photograph the process. Her goal was to explore her own feelings around body modification.

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